Strategic plan and deployment :

           The College has a visionary management, which has well defined goals and objectives for developmental work. The perspective plan is drawn as short-term and long-term goals in the different aspects of the functioning of the College such as teaching learning, Research and Development, Community Engagement, Human Resource Planning, and Infrastructure. To implement these plans in a meaningful manner, adequate measures are taken to mobilize resources. The Institute wants to construct hostel for outsider students. The Institute is striving to get more Minor and Major research Projects from the UGC and seeking  various grants for development. The Institute wants to publish its own Journal with an ISSN Number.

The current plan of the College is to provide LCD Projector in all class rooms. It has also been decided to increase the number of computers available in the Computer lab. Student are supported and encouraged to undertake research work, projects, PPT preparation on computers and develop computer literacy among students.

The use of modern technology in teaching is being practiced in the college. College has provided various technological tools  like Wi-Fi  in the college premises to  the  faculty  members, students and non-teaching staff.  The faculty members make use of modern equipment such as LCD, CD and DVD movies / documentary films on social and environmental issues to the students based on syllabus. Students learn to prepare power point presentation for the effective learning.

Students of the College are motivated to participate in the various academic activities at university, state, national level.  Academic schedule is arranged in such a way that all the above indicated programmes are accommodated conveniently. The College ensures social justice through various welfare schemes made available to the students.

The College makes every effort to interact with various stakeholders’ viz parents and alumni and agency supervisors. As far as possible the College arranges meeting at least twice in a year.

The periodic evaluations and reviews are conducted at various levels and by different bodies:

The College has decided to encourage its entire faculty to complete their doctoral studies while encouraging others to do further research and other staff members to get professional competency.

The IQAC will ensure the accomplishment of benchmarks set for each committee and works for consistency in the work culture of excellence. It will collect the feedback from students and stake holders about various functioning of the College to monitor the quality in teaching learning process.

The institute aspires to achieve its vision and mission through well-conceived perspective plan, which broadly specifies the thrust area as

1. Enhancing the quality of Teaching – Learning

2. Promotion of research among staff and student

3. Improving Entrepreneurship development.

4. Increasing outreach  activities