Alumni Association of the institution

The Alumni Association of BPNISW was established in the year 2004.

Aims and Objectives:

  a.     Foster the spirit of fellowship among the alumni of the BPNISW.

  b.     Provide a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural, and social issues of 

          the day.

   c.     Arrange social and cultural functions.

   d.    To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the alumni and the present students

          of the college and between the alumni themselves.

  e.     To encourage the formation of Chapters as a means to increase participation of alumni.

  f.     To encourage the Alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and Progress of the Institute.

Committee members:   2017-2020

  1.   Mr. Vinod Karadmare-      President
  2.   Mr. Naresh Nasre -          Vice-president
  3.   Dr. Vijayta Vitankar -       Vice-president
  4.   Ms. Minakshi Kadu-          Secretary
  5.   Mr. Ganesh Ivanate -       Joint Secretary
  6.   Mr. Sainath Mohurle-       Joint Secretary
  7.   Ms. Jagruti Meshram -     Tresurer
  8.   Mr. Avinash Gadge-         Member
  9.   Ms. Aditi Ninawe -           Member
  10.   Mr. Dipak Dahare-          Member
  11.  Mr. Nandu Satpute –        Member
  12.  Mr. Manoj Nawghare –     Member
  13.  Ms. Yogita Fulzele-          Member
  14.  Ms. Veena Dhavne-         Member

The  alumni occupying the prominent positions include:

    1.     Mr. Dipak Hedau,  Assistant Commissioner, Tribal Development Department, Govt. of Maharashtra

    2.     Mr, Ganesh Ivnate, Project Officer, Tribal Development Department,  Govt. of     Maharashtra

    3.     Dr. Dipak Masram, Associate Professor, Tirpude College of Social Work, Nagpur

    4.     Dr. Aruna Tyagi, Associate Professor, Tirpude College of Social Work, Nagpur

    5.     Mr. S.G. Pendam, Social Welfare Officer, Govt. of Maharashtra

    6.     Dr. Shekhar G. Pande, Marriage Counsellor, Govt. of Maharashtra

    7.     Mr. Harish Gulabrao Jamthe, Divisional Labour Welfare Officer, BMC, Mumbai.

    8.     Mr. Ramesh Admane, Managing Director, Paramount Multipurpose Services

    9.     Mrs. Anjali R. Nimbalkar, Probation officer, Govt. of Maharashtra

   10.    Mr. Manohar D. Barapatre, Child Development Project Officer, Govt. of Maharashtra

   11.    Dr. Vijayta Vitankar,  Assistant Professor, Ambedkar  College of Social Work,          


   12.    Dr. Laksmikant Deshpande, Associate Professor, Swami Vivekanand College of   

            Social Work, Nagpur.

   13.    Dr. Sanjay Pithale, Athawale College of Social Work, Chimur

   14.    Dr. Sarla Dhabekar, Associate Professor,  Thote College of Social Work, Nagpur

   15.    Dr. Purushottam Thote, Principal, Thote College Social Work,  Nagpur.


Alumni Report 2013-14 to 2017-18 (Click here)